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Back in Abyss Palace, Natsu, Wendy, Panther Lily and Mirajane find themselves against a member of the Garou Knights and forced to engage in one on one combat. While Lucy, Yukino, Happy, Carla and Arcadios end up with each other, only to have to face the fisherman dressed knight, Uosuke. As Lucy and Yukino prepare to face him, Arcadios warns Uosuke always leaves only the bones of his victims. However, Doranbolt spots him, and, wondering what Mystogan could possibly be doing in Earth Land, pursues him.

  • It turns out that Nine was blasted away to an island surrounded by flowers.
  • The two separate not long after their graduation, as Natsuki heads to Tokyo for education and Takumi stays in Gunma to pursue a racing career.
  • Finally, he quit his job and shut himself off away from the world.
  • Although he was initially scared of driving, he eventually became accustomed to the task.

During his delivery run that night, Takumi runs into Keisuke, who tells him that he should accept the challenge against the NightKids, as he believes that he could easily beat them. Keisuke drives off into the night as Takumi contemplates what it means to be a racer. The next day Itsuki and Iketani decide to teach Takumi about cars, and ask him if he knows what a drift is. Despite Takumi giving a perfect description of a proper four wheel drift, Itsuki and Iketani laugh at him due to their own limited understanding of drifting. At school the next day, Itsuki reminds Takumi of the upcoming battle on Saturday, despite his disinterest. The two of them bump into Natsuki on the stairs, Natsuki tells Takumi that she has something important to tell him, with this being the news that she has bought a new swimsuit for their beach trip.

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Meanwhile, in Abyss Palace, Natsu confronts the hooded person, who begins crying. As she asks for their strength, the others take note of her voice. Subsequently, the person takes off her hood, revealing herself to be Lucy from the future. While crying, the Lucy in front of the rescue team claims she came from the future, stating she used the Eclipse Machine to do so.

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Enraged, Fumikage goes berserk and his Dark Shadow Quirk intensifies to become massively monstrous and viciously attacks Slice. The villain attempts to shoot her hair needles at the ceiling, but she is defeated by Fumikage after Dark Shadow grabbed her. The sunlight from the sky nullifies Dark Shadow as Fumikage uses his body to shield the wounded Mina while the cavern buries all of them under piles of boulders. الون كارد As the villain’s about to defeat Izuku and Katsuki, Nine has reached his limit and starts to reel in pain from his illness. With the villains approaching the ruins, the heroes begin their assault on the villains with a pre-emptive strike. اميركان اكسبريس Yuga attacks first using his signature move, “Supernova” to fire a massive laser bombardment at the villains.

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With Danzō dead, Tobi claimed his body and told Sasuke to kill Karin if he had no use for her before leaving. Sasuke moved to finish her off as Sakura Haruno arrived after knocking out her group and declared she would defect from Konoha to follow him. Back at the inn, Naruto awakened and was told by Yamato that they are to return to Konoha while Kakashi handles Sakura. دانى الفيش Naruto however tricked the fatigued Yamato into letting him rest, while he sneaked through the floor to follow Kakashi using Sage Mode. Kakashi found Kiba and the others and after finding out where Sakura went he rushed toward her. As Sakura tried to join Sasuke, he asked her if she would really betray Konoha.

Gauche comments about how powerful the spell was, while Vanessa says that they would have also been snapped in half if it were not for Rouge. Dante comments about how he likes how the Black Bulls have an arcane mage that can manipulate the natural law. Star Fall – A fifth rank magic used by forming a miniature sun and throwing it onto a group of enemies to create a massive explosion.

He asks him what drives him, however Takumi doesn’t have an answer for him. Sakamoto tells him that he drives like a pro, and that if he had his techniques when he was his age he would be in a much better place than he is now. Takumi watches the uphill with Kenji and Iketani, commenting that the rain allows for the following driver to keep up with the car in the lead a lot easier. Takumi gives Itsuki a lift back to Shibukawa, and Itsuki spends the whole drive talking about Kazumi, making Takumi a little bit jealous. During the day, Takumi and Fumihiro examine the gutters along the course, noting that if your car fell into one it could tear your wheels clean off. Takumi recalls Ryosuke saying that you could easily get caught on the corners, and they would be the deciding point between whether you win or you lose.